Welcome to the Zeolites Corner!

This is the website of Ineke Van Dyck in Antwerp Belgium, aiming to bring relevant information to zeolite collectors world-wide.

The following is available:

Membership list.

An alphabetical list of all the members of this group together with information on what they collect and how to contact them.

Subject List.

Find your way around choosing your favourite subject and discovering who has the same line of interest you have.


Take a look at the available documentation and find out who can help you obtaining exactly the information you're looking for. Rather a limited list for the moment, but this may change soon. If you have any information/documentation available which may be helpful to other collectors, please contact me and let me know!


Some of our members have a shop and trade in zeolites. Find out who they are, what they specialise in and how to reach them.


My favourite links. Next to links related to collecting minerals, you will also find links related to tourism (for those of you who would like to visit Belgium) and other items that interest me.

The Power of a Network.

Important information on the functioning of this website, its policy, future goals and how to join the group. Do you want to join? Do you have access to information that might interest other collectors?

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS INITIATIVE SUCCESFUL. So please contact me asap in case of changes or if you think you can contribute in any way to this initiative.



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