Personal Data :

Name : Ed Keverkamp
Born : 17 november 1959
Drums & Percussion

Musical History :

ed started with beats and drums when he was 11 years old. It began on the breakfasttable with knives and forks on jars. At the age of 12 he bought his fist snare, wich he still has, and joined the local fanfare. He took some lessons and thought"I can do this on my own"and so he did. At the age of 17 he could'nt stand it anymore, went to the shop and there it was:his first drumset! He started a band:LIBERTY(old fashioned dance music,top of pops and when nobody was listening punkrock(1978). 1983:4 italians and Ed:TAPIOCA,the band still exists in limburg,B 1989:ED found percussion and joined a gypsyband and played there for 5 years conga and bongo, made his first studiorecording and played throughout the country. 1994:Blues came around, the music of the hart and soul played a few jamsessions. 1998:Then Jean-pierre rang him"hey do you play drums?" He joined the band which is now calling Yell Low.

Preferences :

Jimi Hendrix,Ian Pace,Cor Zuiderwijk,Victor Wooton,Tool,Lenny Kravitz,Patricia Kaas

Specials :

He's really able to give some songs a jazzy touch. His straight style is magnificant in songs of Neil Young. He can demonstrate a wide range of accents in his play. He's our main drive in the band.