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Welcome to my site.

This site gives some Visual Basic tips and techniques. I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback is greatly appreciated at my mail address.

Van den Driessche Willy.

Zellik, Belgium.

What’s new :

17 feb 2003

IsComponentRegistred?, a little function that will tell you if an ActiveX component is registred if you know it’s path.

15 jan 2003

An article about the downsides of component oriented and especially compatible development.  Just to be complete.

29 dec 2002

Don’t panic. A little article about Java compatibility.  I hope .NET will follow.

22 dec 2002

Published a very general article on how one could implement an AutoUpdate feature.

17 dec 2002

The “way we work” is no longer acurate.  I’ve written a new article to illustrate the differences in “the way we work now”.

9 sept 2002

Updated “the case for VB”, a comment on VB6 vs other languages.

3 sept 2002

Added some thoughts about using “templates” inside your application.

17 aug 2002

Completed the validation pseudo-pattern.  Explains how we let our objects perform validation.

27 May 2002

Published the sorting components of James Barbetti.  Really fast stuff.

9 april 2002

Been playing with Benchmarks of the sorting routines due to a discussion with Joe Foster.

27 March 2002

My little daughter Esther is born !!!!

26 feb 2002

Added an article about Command Objects, a possible implementation of the command pattern.

16 jan 2002

Removed the .NET benchmarking page from the site.  Apparently I am not allowed to publish it. Since this site is just for fun, I don’t want to get into trouble with a simple article :

"5. PERFORMANCE OR BENCHMARK TESTING. You may not disclose the results  of any benchmark test of either the Server Software or Client Software  to any third party without Microsoft's prior written approval." 
Microsoft .NET Framework SDK Beta 2 EULA

15 jan 2002

Adapted the article about independent component evolution.  I sure hope it is much clearer now.

9 jan 2002

Thanks to Matthew Curland for solving the FileSystemObject problems ! Matthew is the best ! Buy the book !

7 jan 2002

Made the .NET compatibility checker a command line tool (remains pre-bèta). Included two fake DLLs (dllNew and DllOld) to have a testing basis. Started a subsection on the precise definition of compatibility used (largely incomplete). Here is sample output from the tool.

6 Jan 2002

I published a very preliminary version of what has to become an automated tool for checking .NET assemblies.

5 jan 2002

Started an article about .NET and compatibility.  There is not much there yet but that will change in the future.

4 Jan 2002

Reorganised the series of articles about compiling and deploying.  Hope you like it.

25 dec 2001

How would you simulate a parametrized constructor in VB6 ?  One simple answer is here.

25 dec 2001

Added an article about independent component evolution.  How do you evolve components in a product line ?

23 dec 2001

Added article about deployment of VB programs. What are the basic rules ?

21 dec 2001

Added an article about my view on the importance of implementation inheritance.

18 dec 2001

Added some comments on singletons in VB.

18 Dec 2001

Added a file find component

10 dec 2001

First (unfinished) version of the Broken rules validation design pattern.  Based on work by Lhotka.

02 Nov 2001

Added feedback section.

25 oct 2001

First steps of the Editors and selectors pseudo-pattern.

21 oct 2001

Took a first look a .NET serialization to find out it does more or less the same as my persistence stuff.  There’s not much yet but you can go and have a look.

21 oct 2001

VB.NET sorting components are finished.  See the results.
Download the code in the downloads section.

16 oct 2001

Added the task with progress article that demonstrates one way of how to show a progress bar while a task is busy.

Corrected a stupid bug that had made me deploy old code over and over. Aargh !

14 oct 2001

First steps into VB.NET. Started converting my sorting components to VB.NET.

12 oct 2001

Added merge sort to the tool chest of algorithms.  Will be working on performance issues.  Will add some comments to “the making of” soon. Currently only under source version (algoSorting)

10 oct 2001

Changed some more details in the compilation article

5 Oct 2001

First version of Object List pseudo pattern. Also found a version of Visio 2000 in my MSDN package.  Love it.

5 oct 2001

Changed the details of the binary compatibility section in the compilation article.

1 oct 2001

First version of the Form Logic in class pattern

1 oct 2001

First version of the Form as function pattern

30 Sept. 2001

Added IComparable interface and cCompComparable to the sorting component. Also added some remarks about IComparer vs. IComparable.

15 September 2001

Busy working on a section explaining compilation with binary compatibility

5 September 2001

In case you didn’t notice, I’m changing my site style. Expect it to vibrate some more until it finally stabilizes

WvddGeneral 4 September 2001

Provided all common packages in one grouped file which is easier to download and compile

Persistence 3 September 2001

Added a writer for persisting objects to a graph.

Persistence 2 Sep 2001

Added a discussion for writers and how to make them composable.

Syntax coloring
31 Aug. 2001

A reusable component that let’s you syntax color any language you can tokenize.  Examples for VB and the regular expression language introduced in Tokenizers.

30 Aug. 2001

Modified automatic build process so that the code that gets compiled automatically creates/updates a zip file containing sourcefiles. This ensures that all download components are consistent.

Tokenizers 24 aug 2001

Published code in downloads section.

Tokenizers 22 Aug. 2001

Wrote an article about tokenizers. Things you use for pattern matching and for scanning your own little languages. Go and have a look.

Sorting 21 Aug. 2001

Added some benchmarking code to see just how much performance you loose for the usage of a generic component

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