Water Rocket Fun in Belgium

It all started after my kids had been watching a progam about water rockets on the Dutch television.
Here, the simplest setup possible was shown: put a ball inflation needle through a cork, fill a PET bottle 1/3 with water, put the cork in the bottle and start inflating it with a bicycle pump. As soon as the pressure inside the bottle overrules the frictional force of the cork, Newton's laws take over and you experience the thrill of your first launch.
After we had seen this, we simply had to try it out...
Water rockets are typically made from discarded plastic soft drink bottles, partially filled with water, pumped with air to high pressure, and released. Single stage rockets can reach 150 meters, with top speeds over 150 km per hour!

Ever since we started, we have learned a lot by practice. This site is primarily intended for people who want to start building a waterrocket launcher and/or rocket from scratch. All parts I used are standard off-the-shelf items that are available in every DIY shop here in Belgium. After a while you will find that this is a very inexpensive hobby that offers a lot of thrills for next to no money. Also, you will find yourself looking at "trash" in a different way: there may always be an interesting nose cone shape or recovery system in there. You will also familiarize yourself with a lot of construction skills that are usefull in other hobbies as well.
I also specialized in all sorts of electronic recovery equipment. Check out the Recovery section !




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