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My Own Land Rover Defender 110 S (2006)


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  Defender 147  

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Series I Series II Series II 109
Series III Defender 90 Defender 110
Defender 130 Defender 147  


Series I

"Botswana Police Car under Snow"


"Botswana Police Car stops Belgian 110"


"54 Years Old and still Young"


Series II

"Father and Son"


"An Old Swiss Going Strong"


"The Lady in Red"


"An Old Beauty"
 at the most Southern Point of the African Continent, Cape Agulhas

 Series II  109

"Let's Go Safari"


"Too Much Sun Burned ?"


"A Dutchman in West Africa"


"As clean as in 1954"
A Srs II model, 109 version

Series III


"A Dutch Beauty of 1972"


"Father (1972) and Son (2006)"


"A Dutch Beauty of 1972"


"A Dutch Beauty of 1972"


"Nicely Restored"


"Bits and Pieces"


"Enjoying the Shadow in Malta"


"Needs a Car Wash"


"A Pick-Up in the Mountains"


"Soft and Gentle"


"Une Belle Française"


"Xavier with the Serious Wheels"


"A Flying Dutchman"


"Stripped of its Paint"


"Freshly Painted"


"Military Safari"


"Nicely Retired"


"Has got a Tough Life"


"Ready to Challenge"


"An Intact Oldie"


""Fish and Landy"


"A Dirty Old Man"


"Ready for the Parade"


Defender 90

"Brings You the Light"

Defender 110


"Silver or Grey ? Young at heart"


"Black is Beautiful"


"Wheels in the Air"


"Yellow submarine"


"Offroad with Style"


"Mighty Elegance"
This magnificent, well kept 16 year old has been equipped with a GMC V-8 diesel engine.
Apart from the diesel, the engine also uses LPG to boost power


"Defenders Defending House"


"Swiss Neutrality"


"Belgian Chocolate topped with Cream"


"On World Discovery"
(this LR was shipped from the UK to the USA where the owner travelled from North to South America, then the car was shipped again to Africa where it was photographed at Franschoek but it spends its days now at a farm in Botswana - see the worldmap on the door)


"Safely Back from a Tough Job"
(note the headlight protections)


"Drivers & Divers"


"A Young White South African"


"As strong as an Elephant"


"A Dog went by"


"Cold and Misty"


"Green Horse Power"


"A very well protected front"


"No airconditioning"


"A Landy's World"


"Under the Open Sky near Mozambique"


"Hot and Dry"


"Nice Legs"


"Waiting for a New Job"


"Wheel on the Roof"

Defender 130


"Defender 130 Long ... Longer"
a 130 CSW in South Africa
Owner and Photographer : Karsten Vincent - Stellenbosch - South Africa


"Defender 130 Long ... Longer"
a 130 CSW in South Africa
Owner and Photographer : Karsten Vincent - Stellenbosch - South Africa


"Defender 130 Long ... Longer"
a 130 CSW in South Africa
Owner and Photographer : Karsten Vincent - Stellenbosch - South Africa


"A 130 marking its Territory"


"Bed & Breakfast"

Defender 147

The Defender 147 was made by Land Rover South Africa in 2000 - 2002. I have 4 ( only 10 in the world ) and we use them for safaris in southern Africa - Check the website on WWW.OUTBACKAFRICA.COM.  -- Mark Webster
SOUTH AFRICA 00 27 21 555 0075 OFFICE PHONE 00 27 21 551 5687 OFFICE FAX 00 27 51 554 2201 PERSONAL HOME 00 27 82 681 0734 PERSONAL CELL


"Stretched Defender Limo"
© Mark Webster


© Mark Webster

LED Lights


All LED lights (front marker, stop/tail, indicator and interior) are available to retrofit to the Land Rover Defender



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