Helen Patton
Grand-daughter of General George S. Patton, Jr

Author of the article : Ivan Steenkiste

Updated : 21.09.2008



Helen Patton in front of the Beech Tree at Chaumont
10 km south of Bastogne


Helen Patton on the road from Burnon to Chaumont.
This road was used by Combat Command B of the 4th Armored Division, Third US Army under General George Patton,
and by General Albin F Irzyk, Commander of the 8th Tank Battalion, 4th AD.

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Helen Patton - Plusczyk is the Foundress of the Patton Plusczyk Foundation

THE PATTON PLUSCZYK FOUNDATION's mission stems from my desire to bring together the most significant aspects of my life as a Master of Fine Arts, as a Patton, and most importantly as someone who struggles with - and ultimately celebrates - cultural interplay every single day of my life.

In 2005  Helen Patton Plusczyk, MFA  founded (P+P)˛THE PATTON PLUSCZYK STIFTUNG for International Cultural Exchange:  A non-political, non-profit foundation centered in the Saar-Lor-Lux region and registered with the German Minister of Culture, dedicated to providing contexts for creative interaction between individuals of different cultural heritages.

Helen Patton-Plusczyk is a theatre professional- writer, singer, actress, producer and director, with experience in stage, screen and television—in the United States and Europe to her credit.  Born into a distinguished career Army family, she is the daughter of the late Major General George S. Patton, Joanne Stanley Holbrook Patton.  She is the granddaughter of the late General George S. Patton, Jr.  Third Army Commander,  and also of General Willard Ames Holbrook, Jr., a combat commander of the 11th Armored division in World War II.  Helen travelled with her family to Germany and back several times during her childhood living on and around military bases.

Interested in acting from an early age, Helen took part in community theatre productions sponsored by military recreation services and was the youngest member of the 2nd Armored Division Chorus at Fort Hood Texas.  She graduated from Walnut Hill Preparatory School for the Performing Arts in 1980 and has since been honoured there as a Distinguished Alumnus and served as Trustee.    During her years as an undergraduate in the Drama Department of The Catholic University of America, Helen took part in university-sponsored tours to entertain military forces around the world — including Sinai Peninsula, The Arctic Circle, and the former Iron Curtin border.  Achieving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting, she won a coveted place for three years of graduate study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and later earned a full merit scholarship and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Directing from Northwestern University.

Helen’s professional career has included film and stage work, both in the US and abroad.  She co-founded  The No-Neck Monsters Theatre Company in Washington, D.C.  which was awarded a substantial grant from Comic Relief Program for its work with teenagers at risk.  The company earned 5 Helen Hayes Nominations opposite Arena Stage, Fords Theatre, and the Kennedy Center for Sactuary DC, America’s first Rap Musical/Docudrama.

In conjunction with The Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, CT. and the French Government, Helen created The Living Flame Memorial Center in Nehou Normandy, the location of General Patton’s headquarters before the Third Army’s thrust across Europe in World War II.  She has made a personal commitment to give honor and recognition to veterans of that war.  In 2002 she was recognized by The Chapel of Four Chaplains of Philadelphia, which recognizes “persons who have rendered service to humanity without regard to race, religion or creed.”

Helen is married to Privat Dozent  Dr. Thorsten Plusczyk, a surgeon of the Homburg Uniklinik Saarland.  The couple has two young sons, and live in Rheinland Pfalz.

More information on http://www.patton-plusczyk.org/sites/kurzportrait_en.html




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