The Horn of Gondor
Shave the Wizard
Sam goes loco
Boromir's Invisible Phone
Boromir does it
Boromirhas an idea
What about a catapult?
Yes let's try the catapult
What shall we do tonight?
Who did it?
Off to destroy the ring
Those silly fanboys
Fear and loathing in Fangorn Forest
Payback time
Frodo has needs
Game Over
No ordinary ring
Share the love
Gollum's cards
Takin' a bath
Bad boy
Another bunch of ideas
Boromir gets it
LOTR jackass style
Hobbits go broadway
LOTR really really short edition
LOTR strikes back
LOTR vampiretest
Mordor ... with a "D"
Nuke'em from orbit
Alternate way to get in
Stupid elf ...
Riding the orc
Poor Frodo
Gollum goes psycho
The Punishment
Big hug
Smeagol and Deagol
Frodo's stapler
Superb Idea
Legolas' Stick
He's whipped ...

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