Some funny flashy thingies here:

*new* Windows RG (Really Good Edition)
I'm A Cow
Fuck Her Gently
Alternative F1 Racer
Good Old Pong
Do You Know Jack Schitt?
What the icons on your desktop do when you don't look

Some games:

That good old Duck hunting game
Like driving a car? Then you'll love this
Poke the penguin ... more than once ;-)
A flashy quakey shoot-em-up
Madness !! (don't know where it came from, but i like it // offsite)


A Ninja Fighting Movie (Xiaoxiao1)
A Ninja Fighting 2 (XiaoXiao2)
A Ninja Fighting 3 (XiaoXiao3)
Shooting Game (XiaoXiao4)
A Ninja Fighting 5 (XiaoXiao5)
A Ninja Fighting 6 (XiaoXiao6)
Sneaking Ninja (XiaoXiao7)
Sneaking Ninja (Part2) (XiaoXiao8)
Fighting Game (XiaoXiao9)
Looks like more XiaoXiao to me, but i don't know for sure

I'm still runnig SETI, here are my stats ;-)
(I recently upgraded my firewall, so there's a P-III 450 doin' all the work)

Movies here ?

The winning car!