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2006-08-05 : A new version of the ST@T Package is now available, version 2.11. The merger with the AN@LYSE Package of S. Laurent is completed and all its functionalities are now integrated in the ST@T Package (Pricipal Component, Factor and Cluster Analysis). In the meantime, I started implementing non parametric tests which is a part that remained missing in this statistical package. Two new tests are already available : the Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test and the Mann-Whitney U Test. Here are some screenshots :

2006-04-27 : The ST@T Package for OxPack is now available for the new version of OxMetrics 4 (Ox Professional 4.0). The OxPack code has been modified to take into account the new functionalities available with the new version of Ox. In the meantime, a new hypothesis test has also been added to the Stat Class : the Pearson Correlation Coefficient Test (significance test). Further improvements of the package will focus on the merger of the ST@T Package with a multivariate data analysis package (Factor, Principal Component and Cluster Analysis) made by S. Laurent. Here are some screenshots of the new design of the package's windows :

2005-07-30 : Version 1.15 out now. New features: (1) the descriptive statistics menu includes now a function that is able to compute the Gini concentration index and draw the Lorenz Curve graph. (2) A first graphical function is included in the new "Graphics" menu, the histogram. This new function allows the user to select any variable that will be splitted in the number of categories he wants. Then, the function will count the number of observations for each category and finally draw the corresponding histogram.
2005-07-07 : Version 1.13 out now. On the one hand, the Jarque-Bera Normality test has been replaced by the complete normality test available in the LIB directory of Ox. On the other hand, this new version has been added a lot of new checkings on the parameters entered by the user in the different dialog boxes of the package (e.g. it is now impossible to ask for a negative number of decimals for the results or to fix a confidence level for a test greater than 100% or smaller than 0%).
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