With GPS to Santiago de Compostela

What you will find here:

  1. NEW! The GR10 from Saint Jean Pied de Port to the Coast at Hendaye
  2. GPS in France; coordinates of the GR65 to Moissac
  3. There doesnt seem to be much else for GPS in France - can you help?
  4. GPS in Spain; from Roncesvalles to Santiago
  5. Any questions? - try these helpful sites
  6. Editors for GPS tracks

Waypoints and Tracks in France

1. The GR65 from Moissac over the Pyrenees to Roncesvalles

There doesnt seem to be much else

Can you help?

These are the only gps coordinates that I have been able to find for the Chemin(s) de Saint Jacques in France. If you know of any other links, or if you have raw data sets (gps tracks, routes or waypoints, in any format),

Waypoints and Tracks in Spain

From Roncesvalles to Santiago

Once you have crossed the Spanish border, there is a much bigger choice of gps data.

Any questions?

Try these:-

Editting GPS Tracks

I wrote above If you can recommend a neat programme for editting track files and waypoints please drop me an email. The gps tracklog editor I am looking for would have 2 windows. Window One would show track points in tabular, "Excel", format and Window Two would show the same tracklog in map format (i.e. against an X,Y grid). Edits should occur in real time, so as the user scrolls down the "excel" table in window One, the trackpoints in window Two should light up in turn. Edits in window One should show up as same-time changes in window Two.
Replies are beginning to come in:-

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