the fornicating valkure farm: a pig's paradise                   

introducing Isabel, Lucia, Angel and Ricardo and a whole bunch of co-actors.

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These photos were taken by a professional photographer and may not be copied or reproduced without the consent of Mr Luca Valkiro. Only humans were harmed while taking these photographs.

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Exclusive! the innovating cross breed: Belgian Pietrain (with hints of German Landrace, French/British Duroc and English Berkshire) X Cerdo Iberico (the "Pata Negra" pig), see the first photo.

young farm girl checking new born piglets of the Spanish type


young pigs unaware of their destiny

Jamon Valkirico

les nouveaux cochons sont arrivés

we want food!

sniffel and snuffel

look who is here!


may we introduce VENUS?

mother sow and her piglets

a litter of piglets

the local brute in action

a litter of runts

somewhat painful: castration


the odd one out ... it's Chocolate Ruffles

a piglet stuffed by or with its own mother

Chocolate Ruffles being inseminated

when there is no pork available

Jamesie in China

mangalica X iberico


iberico sow


wild boar and willing sows

the odd one(s) out