't Moeilijk Balleke


a tremendously enthusiastic tennis club, world-famous in Essen, Belgium.


Membership prerequisites:

Would-be members are required to have the following skills, paraphernalia and idiosyncrasies:

- have a good sense of humor

- have an absolutely moronic disposition

- be good for nothing and in for everything

- any tennis experience is anything but an asset

- iron nerves and steel balls

- excellence at playing cards is indispensable

- a more than basic knowledge of petanque

Membership Fee:

For a perennial membership:

25 000,00 

for further information, please contact us at mb@vittorio.be


Marvelous Margritte, Saint-Jacques, Gniffing Gie, Titillating Tillo, Joking Jeff, Nikkelen Nelis, Laughing Louis, Gliding Guido, Asteroid André, Wallopping Walter, Jeopardising Jan, Travelling Theo, Voracious Vittorio, Magistrating Mark, Jiving Jan, Lullaby Luk, Lubricating Leo, Plastered Pierre, Jolly Jos and Jetlag Jan .


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