Current projects

ATC Companion

A small VB6 program I wrote for use on the IVAO on-line fliying network. The purpose of this utility is to create SID's and STAR's, squawk codes etc... for Belgium's 5 international airports based on the current weather conditions at the selected airport and the origin/destination of the traffic.

A300B4 Panel Panel (with sounds) for the Airbus A300B4-203 cockpit for use with FS2002 and FS2004. Most of this stuff is written in EasyGauge + some hand C editing.
The current package contains:
- captains main panel
- overhead panel
- COM and NAV panel
- pedestal 
- F/E fuel panels - with working fuel dump !

I am currently working on the electrics panel, the panel will simulate the 2 DC Busses and 3 AC Busses + 3 batteries, APU and External power. Since I had not originally planned to iplement complete electrics simlation this will include changes to almost all gauges in the panel so this update can take some time... 

All switches are functional and tighly modeled to the actual cockpit of the OO-DLD flown by European Air Transport (EAT), based in EBBR (Brussels, Belgium). This project is constantly under development and new versions are released regularly ! Currently version 0.32 (08/04/2005). 

Version 0.35
- Some bitmaps refreshed and 3D added
- APU also works on left auxiliary tank
- Centre tank is drained first even when pumps of left and right tanks are on

Version 0.32 (Major update)
- Invisible click zone on the FPI to open FPI in larger view added
- Electrics panel added (connected to some other gauges but NOT to all at this time yet functioning properly)
- Redesign of yaw damper and pitch trim switching logic
- Auto throttle connected to the electrical busses
- Gyros sound and trasfer relay sound added to cockpit environment
- Module added with personalised menu: connection to external power and reconnect CSD when disconnected (FS2002 will throw a load error but module works fine)

Version 0.29
- Corrected error in fuel panel by which the left fuel tank was drained slower than the right, during take-off there is still an imbalance though so you might need to use crossfeed to equalise the tanks during the cruise.

Version 0.28
- Slightly adjusted the GS hold algorithm for better GS tracking below 500 feet AGL

Version 0.27
- ADF2 added (FS2004 only), RMI NAV2 flag not connected to ADF2 signal though (can't find this info in FS2004)
- RMI NAV selector buttons redesigned for greater clarity
- Small autopilot altitude bug fixed
- Small Nacelle anti-ice lights bug fixed
- COM2 error fixed

Version 0.26
- Minor FD bug in TOGA mode solved
- CONFIG warning at Take-off with Slats only was removed

Version 0.25
- New algorythm for N1 CR mode
- FS pause detected and fuel used and elapsed time stopped

Version 0.24:
- TOGA reprogrammed to maintain V2+10 af flaps are down or bugspeed with flaps up
- V-bugs speeds slightly corrected and different speeds for F0/S16 and F15/S16 settings (all based on 9000 feet runway)

What's new in version 0.23:
- IAS autopilot mode maintains speed at time of engagement and not the speed in the AT window
- when IAS or V/SPD mode are disengaged with ALT ACQ orange, the vertical guidance by the autopilot is switched back to MAN mode until ALT ACQ turns green (+/- 1000 feet from set altitude)

Note: This latest version will only work with the CIVA INS (version 1.20 or higher) and FSUIPC installed and now also contains the Lee Hetherington TCAS gauge (included) which is fully functional and linked to the A300 transponder. Special thanks to Andrew Wilson for the help with the FSUIPC stuff !
A good, stable aircraft model for use with this panel in FS2002 can be found on AVSIM, filename "" or the SGA A300 (download the trim fix for
the SGA). Remember to set radios so that NAV1 and NAV2 have NO back-up frequencies.

View tips to set up the aircraft config file so the panel works as it should (radios, flaps, fuel).
Download panel

Panel notes Hidden zones (red circles):
1) On the weight gauge will retrieve the current zero fuel weight
2) On the ASI will set the colored bugs based on the weight, flap setting and the fact the aircraft is on the ground/in the air.
GROUND: white V1, speedbug V2, green V3, yellow V4, red Vfto
AIR: white Vapp, green V3, yellow V4, red Vfto 

The latest release now also includes a working APU (needs fuel in left main tank) which actually uses fuel, also added are the pitot heat switches and a small text field which alows you to set aircraft registration and flightnumber (click on the field toc hange it, type the info holding the AltGr key down at the same time.

Carousel INS  I've written a basic INS CDU program in VB6 to simulate the Delco Carousel INS. What I'm trying to do is connect an old INS that I purchased via eBay to my A300 panel in FS2004. The software is 80% finished but was put on hold so I can work on the A300 panel first. I do plan to finish the INS software and hardware in the summer of 2005.

The INS uses FSDConnect software and WideConnect (thx Michael) so it can be run on a networked PC set-up.

Some links fo stuff I really like


To me, the ultimate on-line flying network with great ATC, a lot of traffic (in Europe) and a place where I made many new friends !

Noordzee Vliegclub Located at EBOS, Oostende, Belgium, the flightclub where I did my PPL training and where I recently did my night flight qualification (see pictures).
PS1.3 Very good B744 simulator, bit expensive and probably for freaks only (or professionals), still great fun once you get the hang of it !

Update: 11/04/2005