- KASSEL 8-9 November 2008. Stand 466
- DORTMUND 17-18-19 Januari 2009 Stand Klaus

We started racing pigeons in the year ’68 and within 5 years out loft was being called “the loft of miracles”, so fantastic were the performances from 150 to 1000 km ( 100-700 miles). They made regular headlines in the pigeon newspapers.
Within the years 1970-1977 we raced only at the short and middle distances, but from 1977 until now we are racing short, middle and long distances.
We breed only from provincial or National ace birds, Olympiade pigeons or from birds with in many first prices, and we look not to the bloodlines, eyes or body, but only good race results. The base of our loft in the ’70 was the ‘Golden Bol-line’. Sons and grandsons make national top results; like Mirage and Thriller.
The present day team are made up of grandchildren of such champions as Bol, Elvis, Miljonair (G. Bol x Elvis line), Bolide , Boer, Rapido, Panther, Carl Lewis. Then the Uno-line is also a dominant force with Unos, Solo, Bravo, Nero, Cipo, Domingo, Sons of Solo, Brava. The newest lines to be Quicksilver, Admiral, Keizer, Brother Dreamer, Cadillac, Avanti, Flipo.
All selections are done on a minimum distance of 350 miles or 500 km.
For the 2004 season the team has been made up 20 old birds, 40 yearlings, 18 breeding cocks and 110 young birds.
As the most fanciers the system is widowhood with the old cocks which when right will race home tot their territory more than their partner. Before the racing actually starts they like to have had the widowhood cocks on two rounds of eggs and by the way these widowhood cocks have their own choice of hen because they have total control of the pigeon’s health then every 2 to 3 weeks they use Ridsol or Flagys. When the birds are being prepared for the racing they receive probably five or more tosses from 20/30 miles, there are also some midweek races from 30/40 miles which they also get. One point that came out was that they do not always show the cocks the hens before basketing for the race because it is not necessary with the old cocks who know what the system is all about. The yearlings are different because they are in the learning stage therefore they need to see the hen so that they are educated tot the system, and will know in the future years what is expected of them.
The sprint tot middle distance racing is done with the city club 150 to 340 km then in the Union Eiktak City Eeklo which is 15 miles from Oostakker they compete in the 450 to 800/900 km events and they also like to compete in the National Programme.

Short menu of system on the race time:
• Every 3 weeks, 2 days anti Tricomonasse + anti ornithose if it is necessary.
• Sunday: elektrolyten Klaus and honey or sugar
• Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: Jet 2000 Klaus.
• Tuesday: Aminozuren, superkracht vitaminecomplex Klaus.
All these products are mixed with the food (corn) and if possible so much as possible clear water.