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On top of page: the Emblem of the Ramakrishna Order
Designed and explained by Swami Vivekananda

The wavy Waters in the picture are symbolic of work,
the Lotus of devotion,
and the rising Sun of knowledge.
The encircling Serpent
is indicative of the awakened power dormant in us,
while the Swan in the picture stands for God.
Therefore, the idea of the picture is
that by the union of work, knowledge, devotion, and yoga,
the vision of God is obtained.

Gnostic Christianity

Christianity could have been different, or more complex
than it is today, if the Gnostic movement had not been crushed
by the triumphant "Great Church" supported by the
overwhelming power of the Roman Empire.
An idea of the most influent among the various Gnostic schools,
the mystically and philosophically oriented Valentinian Gnosis,
moreover presenting many parallels and affinities
with the Vedanta and the Hindu Gnosis,
can be obtained by visiting
the Philosophia Perennis  website
(continually evolving)