A letter from Eta Pauptit

September 10, 2002

Dear Members

It is a pleasure for me to write this letter.  Our reunion is now a dear dear memory.  Mieke, Sabine, Clement and last but not least Gerard did so much work and therefore everything was running so smooth.  I could not join the shows and the cosy evenings but I can enjoy the 3 videos and of course no. 25.  It's great !

Also my "open day" was for me a big and emotional happening and I guess everybody enjoyed that day.  Now I have many new faces to remember.  Some from far and some from the new generation of vdOM members.  Please know my thanks come from the bottom of my heart.  Because so many beautiful Afghans were entered and new people want to join us.  Therefore I'd like to write down some of our rules.

In the past members owned my homebred Afghans but after some years that was not possible anymore.  Than it had to be about 50 % of their descendants.  It must be clear that we look for the right care and some time for exercise with their Hounds.  Also it is nice to know their intentions for future breeding.  Because our members live far apart it is necessary new members are introduced by old Members or "Afghan lovers".  All this I feel has to be done to keep our Afghans up to our standard and give our Tazi's a nice life.  That is most important I feel to all members of our vdOM'ers club.  It would be wonderful to see new breeders in our fine group.

I am very grateful and I want to thank everybody who bought some embroidery or book for the benefit of Animals in need.  I can make a new 500 Euro gift.  In my opinion this is great !

Now I will end with my sincere and jovial thanks to all our members and all those who were just there equally.  All my best wishes for the near and far future !

Yours Eta,


Eta Pauptit
Rozenhof 73
NL 8161 BD Epe