Fukkeduk is a neo-classical ensemble formed by Nicolas Roseeuw. They were based in Ghent, and form a small family together with X-Legged Sally and The Simpletones, two other bands from Ghent - the art centre Vooruit was a decisive factor in the formation of these three.

In 1994, they record their first and only album, Ornithozozy.

In 1997, they are seen in the Netherlands, performing with the Dutch band Dull Schicksal.

Fukkeduk created and performed a soundtrack to the silent classic movie Das Kabinett des Doktors Caligari, but they didn't record it.


  • Tom De Wulf (drums, percussion)
  • Frank Ghysels (guitars, amps)
  • Jan Kuijken (electric and accoustic cellos)
  • Bart Maris (trumpet and flugelhorn)
  • Kristof Roseeuw (electric and double bass, singing saw, blokker fluutje)
  • Nicolas Roseeuw (saxophones, game calls, blokker fluutje)
  • Rik Verstrepen (violin, whistle)
  • Fukkeduk (vocals, handclaps, applause)

The 'Fukkeduk' mentioned in the members probably refers to all the musicians together.