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Senno en Leopoldo

Lurking from the mist of the ages emerges
150 pounds of the strongest animal on
earth, pound for pound.  Legend says part
Lion, gargoyle and dog - but unlike any
animal you've ever encountered.  It moves
like a lion, fights like a bear, and has an
unmatched devotion for it's master.  The dog
that fought in the coliseum and followed
man into battle.  The protectors of family
and estates for thousands of years.
Modern people cannot fathom the power
of the Neo.  It was his likeness that was
used as gargoyles on ancient buildings.
He was Ceasar's bodyguard.  He was
Genghis Khan's war dog.
He was friend to Michelangelo, Leonardo,
and Alexander
the Great. 
He has come down the long
50 centuries unchanged. 
It was a Neo
they spoke of when they wrote,
"Then let slip the dogs of war."  In spite
of the terrifying countenance of the Neo,
he is a soul of  love and commitment to
his family.  He is cognizant of and
responsive to the frailties of the elderly,
handicapped and children.  The family's
best friend, the intruder's worst nightmare.
What is it with the Neo that commands
such a rush of awe?  No other dog has
this presence.  Leonardo and Alexander
the Great chose the Neo.  Why?
Because of the ferocious bond he
forms with his family.  Why have people
been reproducing the Neapolitan Mastiff
almost unchanged for over 5,000 years?
Once you own one, you'll understand.