Transforming a non AI PC lens to be used on a D200

I had the opportunity to find a (very) old non-AI PC (perspective control) lens. Those lenses are incompatible, even with the recent pro-bodies. They are so-called pre-AI. If you try to mount them on a recent camera, you might damage the lens detection mechanism.

After seeing the excellent recent post about transforming lenses, I decided to apply it to the incompatible Nikkor PC 35mm 3.5. I could find a very old copy of that one, in a "very very used" state, but optically ok. The only thing is that the lens could damage the camera's I am using.
So I decided to go for the transformation and remove part of the ring to make the lens compatible. I measured on several AI/AIS lenses I own to determine the exact portion I should keep to make it similar to a "normal" f3.5 lens. In fact even that is not really necessary, because you shoot all manual with such a lens; you could probably remove all the border of the external ring to make the lens mountable on a recent camera.
Here is what I did. The first pic shows the original lens with the marked part (which will remain), then the different elements, the machine used to remove the excessive metal, and the resulting lens mounted on the D200. In the meantime, the night fell, so I could not really test the PC on buildings yet... to be followed.
(all pics with 105VR on the D70+SB-800, btw)

#1 The original lens
The original lens

#2 one of my reference lenses
An example lens
#3 the piece to be modified
The piece to be modified
#4 the mount
#5 the naked lens
The lens with the mount removed
#6 the machining
Machining the lens mount
#7 the final result
PC lens on D200

I just went to the city hall of my little town at night and took a test picture (ISO 3200 hand held) to test my new combo.

Here are the results:
the "normal" picture
No perspective correction

the "corrected" picture with PC, shot from the same spot, "focus" point on the same place (of course all manual)
Perspective corrected with PC lens