It was 1987 when David (vocals) and Frank (bass) started the band Tumblin’ Dice, with a wink to one of their old time favourite bands, the Rolling Stones. Of course no one could have predicted that this club would still exist after twenty years. Through all these years and in different setups, they played in hundreds of clubs and at festivals, in and outside Belgium.

The keyman of Tumblin’ Dice has always been David Ronaldo (exactly, from the legendary
Circus Ronaldo). When he is not on tour with his famous theatre, he has only one thing in mind :

Playing Rock ’n’ Roll music ! ! !

To these four musicians (David, Frank as well as Charly on guitar and Hans on drums), Tumblin’ Dice is more than a hobby. It’s a passion! The Band stands for ‘Good Time Music’, Authentic 70-ties Dance Music, performed with lots of attention for the ‘vintage’ sound and with a maximum of respect to the originals.

Dylan, Hendrix, Stones, Little Feat, Led Zeppelin, are only a few of the grand masters who are paid tribute to. Not copied unthinkingly but played in an original way with a typical Tumblin’ Dice touch. Some careful listeners make associations with the Black Crows.

In the current setup, they sound better than ever !
The technical and musical background of all four band members secured them a real ‘killer-sound’ reputation, which lives on beyond Tumblin’ Dice. Charly is also the leading man of The Hendrix Files, with ex. Tumblin' Dice member Hans Boeye on drums. Frank recently also formed the very successful Phil T Lizzy.

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