In 2012, RND has organized the resettlement of a family of eight Internally Displaced Persons (IDP's), from the slums of Masese (on the outskirts of Jinja) to Atiak, far up north.

Although initially meant to be a small-scale pilot project, it turned out to be a very challenging and time-consuming effort: having left home almost twenty years ago, the resettlement process has to be started from scratch, especially in a rural context.

Due to the conflict with the Lord's Resistance Army in the 1980's, many families from the Lango, Ateso and Acholi tribes were scattered around different parts of southern Uganda, often without news from relatives.

The first phase of the project consisted screening the different family members centred around Veronica, the grandmother- and assess their willingness to return to their village of origin. Also, the eldest son was located on the island of Kasaribi on Lake Victoria, approx. 2 hours by boat from Jinja.

After uniting Veronica's family members in Jinja, RND organised the transport to Atiak, the construction of a house, and provided seed capital to start income-generating activities. Moreover, with community land that was put at the disposal of the resettled persons, high--yield cash crops now provide and additional source of income and food security. The expertise in livelihood support, as well as the long-term supervision in Northern Uganda, is provided by LINRED, a Ugandan NGO based in Lira. This small-scale project was a success, as the local community has welcomed the new arrivals positively. This is not always the case.

At this stage, RND is identifying additional beneficiaries through a selection process based on a strong conditionality. Depending on available funds, a new resettlement project on a larger scale shall be considered.