'Kitiibwa' meaning dignity in local language, is home for our 40 female students. These young women have a choice of three vocational courses; catering, tailoring and hairdressing.

The vocational training centre in Walukuba, Jinja is run by three local teachers and a head mistress. RND has established the centre from scratch over the past 5 years, and our investments have included the construction of all the classrooms and accommodation for our boarding students.

The goal of Kitiibwa Vocational Centre is to provide our students with the skills necessary to enter the professional working environment. Many of the students decide to join local companies or if they can attain appropriate finances, pursue a small business of their own.

RND works with local partners, to give the graduating students a helping hand in finding a job once they have finished at the centre. In the near future RND aims to be able to secure the funds required to establish small businesses for each of our graduating students, to allow them to pursue their dreams.

Kitiibwa Takeaway and Restaurant

In 2012 RND established a small takeaway restaurant next door to Kitiibwa Vocational Centre, which is run by the senior students. The restaurant also offers outside catering and delivery services to our customers in the Jinja area.

The restaurant was established to give the catering students a practical working kitchen, as well as, a business that they could apply their newly acquired skills and enhance their professional experience before graduating from the centre.

RND felt it was important to create a sustainable project that would last for the future. Being able to have a business owned by the students, which re-invests all of its profits directly into the school, we felt was the perfect combination for our centre. The target is to enable Kitiibwa Vocational Centre to run itself from our restaurant profits and create less dependency on donations from our funders.