"The Refugee Next Door" is a Belgian non-profit organization active in Uganda which strives to improve the lives of the most fragile, through complementary actions defined by the long term needs of displaced people.

We concentrate our efforts on helping recent and long-term refugees and internally displaced persons. Our actions in the field of primary education, vocational training, and operational support take root in a holistic vision of development and a strong belief in the impact of small, rapid and efficient actions with an outlook on self-sustainability.

Today, RND's operations on the ground is based on an international team of field workers based in Jinja, Uganda, and teams in charge of external communication and fundraising based in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Depending on the project, RND works with reliable local partners and community representatives. RND is 100% volunteer-based.

Finally our mission is also to create a possible bridge between people that want to help this world become a better place, and those that need a helping hand to those who wish to have a brighter future. This bridge relies on three pillars: a network of informed well-wishers who support our work, local and international partners and most importantly the development and running of direct impact projects.