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Om verder te gaan in het Nederlands

Astronomy from Grimbergen, Belgium

Webpage of Tom Ameye

Here is where I am working on my webpage. The first picture shows The Red Planet captured with a Philips ToUCam webcam (taken from our home).   The second picture shows NGC 7000 (The North-America Nebula), captured from the Alpes de Hautes Provence in the summer of 2003 (Olympus OM-1, 400 mm Tokina telelens on Elite Chrome 200 slide film).

You also heard a take from Cosmic Rays by Charlie "Bird" Parker performed in 1952.

Clear and dark skies !

Tom Ameye
Grimbergen, Belgium

Mars oppositie 2003

NGC 7000 (De Noord-Amerika Nevel), genomen in de zomer van 2003 vanuit de Alpes de Hautes Provence in Frankrijk

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