Tildonk Fights Cystic Fibrosis
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is a small village in Belgium,  situated between the cities of Mechelen and Leuven is part of Haacht. It has about 2,500 inhabitants. Under the impulsion of Tom and Sabine, parents of a cystic fibrosis patient, "Tildonk tegen Muco" came to life. In 1996, the first drive for the benefit of cystic fibrosis patients was a big success.


How did "Tildonk tegen Muco" came to life?


When, in November 94, we learned that our son Jurgen was affected with cystic fibrosis we realized, through questions from different persons, that few knew about that disease. Only those with medical background and closed affected friends knew what is was all about. And when Jurgen’s school officials asked us if they could help in the fight against cystic fibrosis, nobody knew that such a solidarity would rise from the press, the radio, associations in Tildonk, companies, shops owners, known and unknown Flemish people who spontaneously offered their help, to organize or to sponsor an activity.

When the national press published our story at the end of 1995, our goal was outreached. The biggest goal with "Tildonk tegen Muco" was and still is to familiarize people with what cystic fibrosis really is. The money received from all activities in 1996 went entirely to : $4,750 went to the "Belgische Vereiniging voor de strijd tegen Mucoviscidose" (Belgian Association for the fight against cystic fibrosis), who will use the money to support further research. $4,750 went to the Universitair Ziekenhuis (University Hospital) Gasthuisberg in Leuven, Department Childcare, Infection B service, where 120 cystic fibrosis patients regularly stay.

With this money educational material was bought (i.e. a Ping-Pong table, two special bikes, video recorders and cassettes, comic books, etc...) and some patients flew in helicopter.

Last but not least we received from a major computer company a PC (valued at 2,500) which was also donated to the hospital.


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