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Wij verwachten Samoyed puppies rond 10. maart 2010, graag aanvaarden wij U reservaties

Gegen 10. März 2010 erwarten wir Samoyed Welpen. Gerne nehmen wir Ihre Reservation entgegen  

We expect Samoyed puppies about March 10th 2010, reservations are welcome

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19.12.2009 Wijchen (NL)
Samoyeds/Judge: L. De Ridder (B)

Open class
Graham The Twinkling Star Exc. 1/CAC/CACIB/BOB, ring of honour gr. 5/ judge T. Leenen (B), 4th place


About us and our dogs

My husband Frank and I live in the countryside about 8 km from Gent in Flanders (Belgium). Frank is a medical doctor at the Ghent University and I used to be a teacher. I am a fulltime housewife now taking care of the dogs, the cats and my husband.

We were married in 1967 and bought our first dog when we came back from our honeymoon.

We purchased our first Samoyed, Saskia vom Beverenkant, in 1994. 

At the Worlddog Show in Brussels I saw Akitas and I was completely mad about them. My first personal contact with an American Akita occured while we were staying in Natchez (Mississippi) in a plantation home. It was such a beautiful and gentle dog that, when we came back home, I started searching for information about Akitas. We bought our first Japanese Akita in 1995 , her name is Tsûki Baya of Bandai. Two years later we bought a second Samoyed, Xtrasmart vom Beverenkant.

As we were also very fond of American Akitas, I started to study the websites of all kennels concerning this breed and I always came back to the same website: Tamarlane Akitas. I was very impressed by these dogs, so Frank wrote a letter to Dr. Sophia , whom we had met for the first time in Hamm at the JKC congress, asking if it would be possible to get a puppy from her. Dr. Sophia replied that she would have a litter around Christmas, we were really excited...

This litter had only one pupppy however, and it was a male…. So we had to be patient again and finally on the 16th of March 2000 we got news that another litter was born with 2 females and 3 males. We were so happy about the news and in May our little girl, Tamarlane's American Beauty arrived by airplane in Brussels.

In fact we were planning to breed her at about the age of three with frozen sperm from the United States, but since the breed split this is not possible anymore outside FCI countries, because of the different names of the breed –Great Japanese Dog in FCI countries and still Akita in Non-FCI countries.

Different requests to our Kennel Club St. Hubert were refused and we finally made the decision to buy a male. Again we were happy to get a beautiful dog from Tamarlane, his name was Tamarlane's American Gigolo. Unfortunately, Gigolo died at the very young age of 14 months.

His death was very painful for us as he was the most charming and nicest dog one can imagine.

Some months later we started to look for a puppy of the same origin and finally Sylvia Thomas from Chiheisen Akitas offered us his half brother (also a son of Ch. Stone’s Hot Blooded Chiheisen), her pick of the litter at Valiant Akitas. Dandy arrived at Frankfurt airport on April 29th 2003.

After a very successful show career we stopped showing our American Akita Multi-Champion Tamarlane’s American Beauty who won 4 champion titles (Belgian, Danish, Austrian and International Champion).  

Also our Samoyeds did very well at shows during the last years.
Multi-Champion Xtrasmart vom Beverenkant  is a Belgian, German, Dutch, Austrian, International and also an Austrian Double Champ, a title a dog achieves by winning both, the International dog show in Graz as well as the International dog show in Innsbruck during the same year. In August 2007 we finished her show career at the Alpencup show in Innsbruck where she won the title of Austrian veteran champion. 
I hereby want to thank her breeder Berlinda van Puyvelde very much for all the help and assistance she gave us to make Smartie’s successes possible.

Samoyed Ch.Saskia vom Beverenkant, whom we didn’t show very often during her young age because we were not yet interested in showing dogs at that time, achieved the title of Belgian champion as well as the title of Austrian Veteran Champion at the age of 10 ½ years. Both titles she won in a minimum of time after she started her “second career”. She still wins regularly in the ring of honour for veterans although we probably will not enter her at shows so often anymore.

In the meantime, Dandy and Sophie are also doing fine at shows. American Akita ch. Chiheisen American Dandy achieved the title of Belgian Champion and also finished his German Championship. On December 2nd 2006 he was awarded with the title of International Champion in Wels (Austria) and in June 2007 he also won the title of German Akita Club champion. 

We are especially  proud of our Samoyed Discos Sophie Dancer whom we imported  from Denmark. She had a wonderful year, starting in January with winning the titel of International Champion and giving birth to 4 wonderful puppies in March. Only a few months after having puppies she won the titels of Austrian, Belgian and German champion, all this happened in the short time of 2 1/2 months.
We hope that little Graham, a male whom we kept here at Twinkling Star, will be a succesful winner in the future.

Ulrike Comhaire

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