Infinity is a band that already exists quite a long time. But the band is quite unknown. Can you give some more information about Infinity?
B.XUL: Infinity was formed in 1995 by Draconis, Nebiros and me. After several line-up changes, gigs and our first demo "Corvus Corax" ('98) Draconis and Nebiros left the band because of personal reasons. I decided to go on as a one-member project and recorded in winter 2001 4 songs in my own studio (Vortex Studio) in Zevenhuizen. After the recordings Quasar joined Infinity as guitarist and in a few month's time we wrote several songs for the first full-length album "Nostalgia for the Dark Age" released by Spectral Arts Productions. The reason that Infinity is quite unknown is that I haven't promoted it for the big audience. Infinity isn't a ban that would like to play live every week. Most of the audience doesn't give a fuck about Black metal and the true meaning of it. A lot of bands love it to play live and scream "thanks for supporting us" to the audience... but they also call themselves misanthropes. If we play live we play only with serious bands.
You also play in 2 other bands besides Infinity. Can you give us some more information about it? And can you easily combine those 3 bands
B.XUL: I'm also a member of Funeral Winds. Beside that I play in Haatstrijd and I'll record the drums for Ornaments of Sin in 2004.
Spectral Arts Productions just released the first full CD "Nostalgia for the Dark Age". What were the reactions for thus far?
B.XUL: Well... Blackstorm (manager of S.A.P.) runs a underground store in the States and told me that most of the people are very impressed.
What do you exactly mean by that title? Many people talk about willing to live in the Dark Ages, but I think not many people can support living in that time, since they didn't have all the luxury we have now.
B.XUL: I feel attraction for the dark ages cause of the battlefields, weapons and the cruel way of living. I believe in the will to survive. It's our purest essence. Nowadays the computer has taken control over us. Humanity grows weaker day by day. The luxury we have? For me it's only material bullshit. It has no real meaning. The only good thing is that we can record our music easily.
Infinity has quite some melancholic feeling in it. What does longing for Death holds for you?
B.XUL: The melancholic melodies are very personal for me. It's more then anti- and hate feelings. We call it"Furious Cold Melancholic Black Metal" Longing for death? I used to long for death. Now I see myself as a part of it... I don't believe in suicide as an escape for personal problems. It's very weak to let yourself killed by 'life' cause it's too hard.
Many bands are anti-Christian. But never talk about anti-Muslim thoughts I presume due to those stupid people that come with their labels. But can't we see Islam and Christianity like two same dangers?
B.XUL: The entire human race is a cancerous tumour that contaminates this earth, so what if they kill each other? HUMANITY HAS TO DIE!!! I have a lot of respect for the suicide terror actions of the fundamentalist Muslims. They're able to sacrifice themselves for their goals. That's the spirit! Religion is very personal for me. It's a way to explore the self and beyond. Not a way to rule with lies.
Infinity I saw that you are currently working on a new full CD. When will it be finished? Infinity
B.XUL: The promos are ready to spread. We're searching for an underground label in Europe. The title is called "The Birth of Death"... The whole concept is about "death and rebirth".
Can we expect the same melancholic and depressive sound as "Nostalgia for the dark age"?
B.XUL: Yes. In every song you'll hear some melancholic feelings. I describe the album as one whole concept. All the lyrics are about death, darkness and rebirth. The sound is also better, faster songs, background vocals by Quasar, guest vocals by H.XUL, and I also used a 12-str. acoustic guitar.
What's your opinion about self mutilation? Do you have experiences with it?
B.XUL: Yes. But that's personal for me. It's different for everyone.
So, what will the future hold for Infinity besides the next full CD?
B.XUL: We're planning to do a few live gigs. We have a new guitarist named Andras and RSD XUL (Funeral Winds) has joined us as session bass player.
Ok, thanx for the interview. Feel free to end this as you want.
B.XUL : Those who poisons our cult will end up in a coffin.
- Theriomorph -
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