Theo Van de Vyver: beeldhouwer-schilder

The key to the work of the artist Theo Van de Vyver lays in the temperament and technique, between emotion and ratio. This "reading" is the reading of "a comment" from the artist on the structure of reality around him, as well as to his own personality. And to make it totally complex: the world around him is not only the human society but also his artistic reality.

To understand his special commentary caracter, it is best to see at his latest work. He does not paint on canvas, but above canvas, he creates an upper layer of foreign newspapers, strips, music-scores and roadmaps. Most of the viewers consider this already as a secret language, built on strict rules and laws. Literally, Theo Van de Vyver writes his emotional comments. Direct, eruptive and very physical. And further, the fluant matter of the paint gives through dripping a final personal comment. Painting as a firm discussion, so to speak. A discussion with society and especially with painters traditions.

His sculptures gives us a same comment. The secret language in its function as carrier is the tradition of non-European cultures, the so-called "primitive sculpture art". The strong emotional personality of the artist finds a perfect equivalent in the expressive power of these traditions. In the center there is the head, the eyes (open or disappeared), the mouth especially (made as a scream !). The tormented schedule of a scull and muscles. The body is massive: the secret and sealed world of the eros. On this point, The Van de Vyver models his decorative comment. He decorates his world of the eros with the silent powers of the stone, remaked, interpretes it with symbols such as the snake, the mussel or with the triangle. Sometimes the ornaments are very rich, like the African ritual statues. Sometimes the colours are modest - think of the little mirrors on African statues.

However, don't forget that in the non-European cultures, ornaments are not always a form of decoration, but the carrier of messages, of hidden powers. Therefore, the statues of Theo Van de Vyver are always growing from the inside to the outside. The inner power seeks his way out and forms itself struggling and sounds as a powerful scream: the tactile, visible and almost silent present of the passionate life-power.

Theo Van de Vyver has found through the years a confrontation with looking reality in the face, and in confrontation with modern arts, his own language. This makes him in the true sentence of the word, as a real creative artist, he who makes his own universe with convincing and artistic powers.