January 2nd 2K5

It's been a while that I've updated this website. 2K5 will be the perfect opportunity to do so.

As for now, I'd just like to remember you can also reach me at: the_judy_justice@hotmail.com

Also, for all Animes Fans, I recommend you the Animesuki Forums where I've found really neat and interesting discussion.

It's here: http://forums.animesuki.com/



January 30th 2k4

Happy new year everyone.

December 21 2k3

EXPOSITION Le samedi 10 janvier dès 19h.

En français, cette fois, pour annoncer en grandes pompes l'arrivée de la page d'info sur ma prochaine exposition: Welcome To Toastville (take a bite)

Venez nombreux!




November 10 2K3

The Manga section has been updated with a shrine for a delightful 15 pages story: TOAST

Go check it Here or follow the Manga link in the above menu.

October 26 2K3


The Christmas and New Year postcards are up and available for order.

Go check them and don't hesitate to place an order... ^___^


July 13 2K3

The construction is in progress. You can now check the "FAN_ART" and the "PAINTINGS" section.

"MANGAS" should be up very soon with a short story of five pages. More to come as soon as I get into my next and longer project.

Otherwise, try the Magic Pen and drop me a line...

June 18 2K3

Well, the website is still a big mess at the time but I got my paintings back from the Arenberg-Galeries and I'm basically waiting for the rain to stop falling so that I can take pictures of them and upload them.

Also, I'm really working at giving the website a more professional look by learning more about Flash MX.

As for now, you can just take a look at the new menu.

I love getting constructive criticism... So, don't hesitate to send me some at the_ju_ko_project@xsmail.com

June 9 2K3

I'd like to thank all the people who went at the exhibition's opening on Thursday the 5th. Really, it has been a lot to have you all there.

I'll be updating the website very soon with all the paintings and a few sketches.

I've been adding an 'About_Me' section... Go check, that's all I can say.