Step 1: Getting started


you can download mIRC here.

Proceed like you would download any other program.
- First you download it to your harddrive from the site and
- then you install it by double clicking on the file that you have downloaded.

I would advise to put a quick link on your taskbar on the bottom next to your start button. This will make it easier to access the program when you want to start it up later.

Setting up mIRC will take a few moments, but is necessary and only needs to be done once.
In order to avoid problems down the road follow the steps of this guide.

1. Open mIRC

Click on it’s icon (like you would open any other program)

You get a window with on top several icons and above those several menus. If you move your mouse over the icons, you will get a description of what those icons stand for.

2. Set mIRC to disconnect

Make sure you are disconnected by checking the most left icon called ‘connect’. If you see a full lightning then you're disconnected, if the lighting streak is interupted, you are connected. You can also check your status in the statuswindow beneath.

You have mIRC open and you are not connected.
We will now go over the steps to set up and personalise your program.
I advise you to follow the order of this guide, so not to forget anything. This way, the risk of failure to connect in the end will be minimised.

We will now: