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               Welcome to my website!  (under construction) 

Since 1958 we had been running an electronics business at DE PANNE, a city situated at the Belgian coastal region .

In 1996 we decided to go into retirement and then our business affair was
taken over by T & A 

Selling TV sets and providing all related necessary affiliations in a customer-friendly way has always been our highest aim, and we are happy to say that we have been honored by hundreds of sincere appreciations after having provided a lot of requirements and services such as aerial-installation, hi-fi, components, computers...etc... 

Now we live at Nieuwpoort  and I have much more time now to multiply my collecting of old radios,  their restoration and to pursue my main hobby  :

                                            MECHANICAL TELEVISION 

                                     This will be the central theme of our pages.

                         Denis (°1936) and Jacky                  Contact e-mail


*Telehor was the name of the Nipkow  disc TV developed by  Dénes Mihŕly                         

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