Mechanical Television




History of Television

  • The first music to be  recorded and reproduced was done mechanically                     (Edison cylinder phonograph)

This was the first television !

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  • Radiovision : In the 1920's, radio made its first steps, and some inventors
    got ambitious ideas to transmit live moving  images.  Most of them took the NIPKOW disc
    as a scanning device.  Some PIONEERS  such as J.L. BAIRD, DENES MIHALY,
    Barthélémy,  Jenkins and others  researched in their laboratories to enable
    watching television.

    Baird  called it "TheTelevisor " and  Mihaly  "Telehor". As most radio sets in those days were self made, the first television for the public was sold in a KIT .

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    TeKaDe (Telefon Kabel und Drahtwerke at Nurenberg had Mihaly's patent) made the Telehor  in a dual system version. The kit contained two discs, the one was destined for English transmissions (vertical scanned) and the other for the German ones (horizontal). The diameter of the discs were smaller (13") than the televisor reducing the picture to 4 x 3 cm. The Telehor disc disposed of 60 holes over two spirals for mechanical framing of the picture.


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  • In USA Jenkins commercialized his mechanical television  in kits.

         Click on the picture for a link to the ETF museum  and read all about the Jenkin kits of 1931