• September 1944 - March 1945

    From September 1944 untill the end of March 1945, Belgium was targetted by the V2 rockets. More than 1600 V2's were launched to Antwerp and other places. But not all V2's reached their destiny.

    This site shows the impacts all over Belgium. The accuracy of the impact zones on this site is between 100m and 1km.

    Antwerp: 1027 impacts:

    Because of the many impacts between October 1944 and March 1945 in and around the city of Antwerp, these impacts are given separately on the map below

  • The rest of Belgium: 356 impacts:

    See on the map below to find the many impact zones.

    Confirmations by V2rocket Timeline In some cases by police reports and/or eyewitnesses.

    Total number of impacts : 1383