Ian Stewart

Born in 1938, died in 1985 of a stroke in London. Stewart reacted to an add of Brian Jones in Jazz News, they were both looking for a band. So, Stu was with The Stones from the very beginning, and he wanted to be with 'em till the end. He was an excellent boogie woogie pianist, and was frequently asked by other groups. Ian went into history as the sixth Stone. He wasn't a real member of the Stones (covers of albums...) because the producer of The Rolling Stones (Andrew Loog Oldham) said he was to ugly. Stu plays on songs like Little By Little, Let It Bleed and Emotional Rescue. The Rolling Stones dedicated their album Dirty Work to Stewart, thanking him for 25 years of boogie woogie. Real fans must have noticed that at the end of the Dirty Work album, there's a little piece of piano music... Thanks Stu !

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