Charlie ... Born 2-6-1941. The first line-up of Brian Jones' Group was: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Dick Taylor, Ian Stewart, drummer Tony Chapman and Brian himself. But Dick Taylor (later with The Pretty Things) had chosen for a student-life and Chapman had left too... Charlie replaced him, we were a step closer to the real Stones. In the early days, Watts was the drummer of The Blues Incorporated. Charlie is the favourite Stone of Keith Richards who says: It's Charlie Watts' band, without him, we wouldn't exist. And, according to Mick Jagger, Charlie always exaggerates with everything... One thing for sure is that Charlie really hates being a rock star. He never had a "rock star" kind of life and does not even know what it is supposed to be. He certainly is the quietest of the Stones and is always amazed to get such ovations in concert. He likes the early Gretsch kits (the ones with the round logo on them !) and always use a Gretsch kit live.
He also loves jazz and released some albums with his quintet. In 1964, he even published "Ode to a highflying bird", a little book about his all-time favorite musician, Charlie Parker. As a real gentleman, Charlie lives in a seventeenth-century manor with his artist wife Shirley and their Arabian horses and numerous dogs and cats.

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