Bill ... Born 24-10-1936. A former RAF-technician. Probably chosen as bass player 'cause he had an excellent music installation. He wrote 'Downtown Suzie' and 'In Another Land' for the Stones. In the Some Girls period (late 70's) he recorded a solo-album, Stone Alone. In 1981, he had a big hit with Si, Si, Je Suis Un Rockstar (solo). Bill seems an apathic dude, but he claims he had over 700 women in his bed in 2 years time. And of course, we remember the affair Dirty Bill had with 15 year old Mandy Smith. Wyman left The Rolling Stones January 6th, 1993. For Voodoo Lounge, he was replaced by Darryl Jones. Nowadays, Bill owns a restaurant in London, The Sticky Fingers. The restaurant is stuffed with Stones-stuff (e.g. Bill's first guitar, Brian's guitar...) You must surely go there when you visit London !

Billy's Sticky Fingers is on the web, as well as a big fan of his !
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