What is it?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a webtechnology that allows users to register themself on informationstreams inside their interest area. The user then receives new information from for him interesting and relevant websites without visiting these websites separately. All the information arrives in the form of RSS-messages or RSS-feeds in a RSS-reader on the computer of the user. When the user wishes to know more about a specific item, then he can go from his RSS-reader with one click to the webpage of that item.

There are different ways to read a RSS-feed:

1. With an internet browser
Most new browsers have a build-in RSS-reader. If you click on the RSS icon RSS, your browser will open the feed.

2. With an RSS-reader program
If you want to use an RSS-reader program installed on your computer, then you could use Feedreader (free). To subscribe our feed, just click File -> Add Feed and paste the following URL in the box:
For more information about how to use feedreader,

3. With Google Reader
For Google Reader you need a Google account (simple to make). To add our feed, just click "Add Subscription" and past the following URL in the box to subscribe to the feed.



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