Aircraft Guides

This guides are written to make recognising airplanes much easier. In this guides you can find a short description and remarks of each airplane and version from a specified manufacturer. This gives you the info you need to determine the type of airplane. They are FREE for personal use! Have much fun with these aircraft guides!

Manufacturer of: A300 / A310 / A318 / A319 / A320 / A321 / A330 / A340 / A350 (future) / A380
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Manufacturer of: ATR-42 series / ATR-72 series
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Manufacturer of: B707 / B717 / B727 / B737 / B747 / B757 / B767 / B777 / B787 (future)
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Manufacturer of: CRJ-100 / CRJ-200 / CRJ-440 / CRJ-700 / CRJ-705 / CRJ-900 / CRJ-1000 / Dash-8 Q100 / Dash-8 Q200 / Dash-8 Q300 / Dash-8 Q400
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Manufacturer of: ERJ-135 / ERJ-140 / ERJ-145 / EMB-145 AEW&C / EMB-145 RS & AGS / P-99 / E-170 / E-175 / E-190 / E-195
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