Spotterfreak.net isn't a database website, like you can find many on the web, with registrations, weights and lengths, numbers and more numbers... This is a website with that 'real life' feeling, with actual events and reports, and knowledge that you can really use when you are interested in aviation. The above will play certainly a key role in 2009.

A message for all aviation enthousiasts:

Brussels Airport is the most important airport of Belgium, and around such airports you can find many plane spotters and people who love to see airplanes. But, at Brussels Airport there is no nice and official place where you can watch airplanes. This leads to offences against the highway code and car accidents.

Therefore, I started together with some other Luchtzak-members a petition. If you sign this petition, you can help us to obtain our target: a safe and official spotters place with an amazing view on the aircraft!

Sign here!
Note:you don't have to donate to submit your signature, after you have clicked on the 'Submit Sign' button, your signature is added!

Kind regards,

Wouter Plaetinck




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