to Guy Van den Eeckhaut, Jacques Herman, Jean Pierre Biddle, Mark Bosselaers, Dirk & Maria Hovestadt, Frederik Mollen, Fabrice Moreau, David Ward, Henri Cappetta, Sylvain Adnet, Laurent Candoni, Jim Bourdon, Steve Cunningham, Steve Alter, Erik Wijnker, Fritz von der Hocht, Thomas Reinecke, Mikael Siversson for the always valuable discussions and sharing their thoughts.

to Gino MariŽn, Marco Kannenberg, Michel Ambroise, Jacques Boel, Walter Semay,
Math van Es
and many others for sharing the passion together.

to Gino MariŽn, Marco Kannenberg, Jacques Herman, Fritz von der Hocht, Frederik Mollen & Johan Janssen for the use of some pictures.

to Kristiaan Hoedemakers & Jacques Herman for helping me to find various publications.

to Bert Gijsen, Walter Semay, Rene van der Vliet and Math van Es for the gift of teeth.