After all the electronics and development, we like to work on mechanic things...

So years ago we started with remote controlled race cars, airplanes and helicopters.

One day, november 1999, my wife called me with the info that she knows a Lotus oldtimer for sale. Two hours later my son and I where on the road home with the Lotus seven model S3 from 1970. 

 During wintertime we rebuild the car and in april 2000 the job was done.

With an oldtimer the job is never done !

The same month we saw at the oldtimer and kitcarshow at Hasselt (Belgium) some nice build type seven and ask for information.

One week later we ordered the Tiger E1.

 The 4 of august the kit was delivered and the job started.

The Lotus 7 S3 ('99-2000)                        The Tiger E1 ('01-'02)



The 2002 project

The 2003 project - Tiger E1 blue



NEW !!!!

The 2005 project - Blitz 4 X 4 offroader



The Racing Show at Hasselt

Brakes on GTM Libra II

On board camera GTM Libra

Zolder 2003 VAB Happening

events in 2004


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