1. Removing the Frets:

Firstly, you want to start off by removing the strings that are currently on it

The tools I used to remove the frets were just a normal hammer and chisel

I started at the first fret nearest the headstock. Basically, for each fret I gave it 3 or 4 medium hits along each side of the fret (see below) I started from one edge of the fret, 3 hits, moved to the side the width of the chisel and hit it a gain 3 times, and repeated this process to the other edge, this was then carried out on the other side of the fret


I then gave 3 light hits on the corners of the frets, making sure the chisel is level with the fretboard (if it is at an angle you will find you will take a lot more chips out of the fretboard. Repeat this on all 4 corners of the fret,


Once you feel its loose enough, hook the chisel under one of the slightly loose corners and bend it, so one side of the chisel is push down on the fretboard and the other side is push up on the fret, loosen that off and if you need to, repeat it on the other side of the fret, then do the put carry on to pull the fret upwards and it should just come up!

This is all my frets once they were all taken out

This is what it looked like after I took the first fret out.


This is what it looked like when all the frets were out. Notice the small chips I made on the fretboard, as long as the chips you make aren’t that deep, the majority of it will just smooth over when you sand, if its still deep, we can put some wood filler or epoxy on them.


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