How to defret a bass guitar


More and more people are wanting to turn to fretless for its unique sound and playing. More and more people seem to be defretting their squire p-basses (usually when they get a new, better bass) so basically this guide is to instruct people on how to defret one! (or just about any other bass!)


Disclaimer: You are doing this under your own accord, in no way am i responsible if anything goes wrong, this is just a guide to guide you in defretting a bass.


I would recommend having a spare bass before attempting this. I would also recommend reading the whole guide before attempting to de-fret a bass guitar


Altogether, this cost me about £4.00 (I only paid for the polyurathane) I think if i bought everything it would cost:

£2.00 for the different sandpapers

£4.00 for the polyurathane laquer (250ml)

£4.00 for the wood filler (125ml)

£3.00 for the brushes, chisel, etc.

Remember though, i live in the UK so things are alot more expensive over here.


Below are some pictures of my squire p-bass, fretted.

What you will need:

A hammer

Either a small flat-head screwdriver or a small chisel

polyurethane gloss (laquer)

Sand paper– a variety of grits (ranging from anything from 40 to between 300 and 600)

a medium sized brush

Wood filler

Extras: (not really needed)
Coloured permanent marker (eg. Gold)

Flatwound bass strings

Full Guide
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