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" L e s   G r a n d s   L u n a i r e s "


           "The Black Slavics"   

  a-capella  songs of Africans of Russia

 by « Les Anges Compagnie »

  CD Jaro 4233-2      




music fiction

the choir 

the songs






In 1684, Evgeni, The brother of the Tsar Peter the Great secretly negotiated the transaction of 2 500 slaves to work in house and fields, with Zadek ibn Farouk, famous black slaves trader, based in Guinea.

Evgeni Nicolaievitch, an eccentric person, decided to replace all his slaves and servants with Africans. The slaves arrived a year later trough the Baltic sea and were settled in Kazan, 500 km from Moscow, where Evgeni and his household were living.

            But the problems appeared quite soon and after 3 years Evgeni drove all the Africans out of Kazan. After a long odyssey, they settled down in the Ukraine, the Ural Mountains and Balkans, and founded colonies which have now completely disappeared, thinned out by epidemics and famines of the 19th century.

"The Black Slavics" represent the music of those Africans and their descendants who settled in Russia. The Tsar's law prohibited them from singing in their mother tongue or singing their own religious music, which was considered too rhythmic for the Church’s  liking.

            "The Black Slavics" have adapted the Russian songs to their own style and you will hear that long transformation of Russian songs into African songs, rescued from oblivion by the Georgian musicologist Kajnun Marimov.

“Music Fiction” 

"The Black Slavics" project belongs to the concept of "Music-Fiction",  invented by Thierry Van Roy : re-writing history and, in doing so, creating a music which could  have existed if history had decided it…

This new form of musical creation is unlimited : if you change in the history one or several elements of the past, the present or the future, you can imagine to change the face of the world and of the music,  which always results from the interactions of the cultures at the mercy of the transformations of civilisation’s history.

Unlike the “world music” in its geographical and multicultural sense, the “Music-Fiction” uses  the vertical notion of time and history ; the music of “The Black Slavics” was born from the imaginary meeting of the African and Slavonic culture but in Russia in the 17th century.

In connection with this , we’re wondering how popular western music (Rock, pop etc..) would sound like if history had decided that Christopher Columbus and his three Caravels had sunk off Portugal, leaving America “Terra Incognita” for a long time  without the African slaves and their musical influences…And if the “Black Slavics” had been deported in Russia and had been really the foundation of a new music which influences still exist?

The Choir

The Black Slavics” project is interpreted by the choir “Les Anges Compagnie” (L.A.Cie).

The singers are : Ange Nawasadio – artistic director (Congo-Kin.), Gyle Waddy (Usa) – choir leader, Sylvie Nawasadio (Congo-Kin.), Alexia Waku (Congo-Kin.), Guy Waku (Congo-Kin.), Marie-Ange Teeuwen (Burundi), Dju BB' ( Congo-Kin.), Epolo (Congo-Kin.), Jojotte (Congo Brazza) , Lionel Sonna (Cameroun), William Wright (USA) and Borys Cholewka (Ukraine) as a guest. 

All the songs of the “Black Slavics” project  have been chosen by Borys Cholewka who was leading the choir as a special guest.

The “Black Slavics” songs

In most of the songs, the first part presents the traditional  version  in polyphony and in original language (Russian, Croatian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Hungarian) ; the second part of the song shows its imaginary evolution through the Africans of Russia, in Lingala : one of the most spoken languages in central Africa.  

# 1 : Mboka  4'22                                                                    LISTEN (mp3 - 1.55Mb)

        Russian wedding song (Lingala version)

        (arrgts: A. Nawasadio,B. Cholewka, Th.Van Roy)

# 2 : Karai Maitcho  3'45 traditional Bulgarian love song

        (arrgts: A. Nawasadio,B. Cholewka, Th.Van Roy)

# 3 : Tchekania ( H. Levtchenko, A. Pachko) 4'39                 LISTEN (mp3 - 1.52 Mb)

        Popular Ukrainian song.

        (arrgts: A. Nawasadio,B. Cholewka, Th.Van Roy)

        Levtchenko is the founder of the Kalina Choir. Under Brejnev, he was expelled from teaching and sentenced to hard labour in a meat        factory where he creates an underground choir made of butchers.

        “The night is falling on a Ukrainian valley

         A girl is sitting near a glade

         She’s waiting for her beloved

         In the borning starlight”

# 4 : Vu Premochi   5'54

        Popular song from the region of Medyoumourye (Croatia)

        (arrgts : V.Zganec, A. Nawasadio, B. Cholewka, Th.Van Roy)

        “Medyoumourye, the beauty of your flowers

        make you appear to me so green and beautiful”

# 5 : Jertva Vetchernaya (Bulgaria) 4'40

        “The evening prayer”

        Slavonic orthodox song

        ( arrgts: A. Nawasadio,B. Cholewka, Th.Van Roy)

# 6 : Zeleneye (Ukraine) 4'32                                                 LISTEN (mp3 1.57Mb

        (arrgts: A. Nawasadio,B. Cholewka, Th.Van Roy)

#7 : Serelem (Hungary) 4’10

        Religious song about love and suffering.

        The second voice (Borys Cholewka)  is performed in  the diphonic vocal technique.

        (arrgts: A. Nawasadio, B. Cholewka, Th.Van Roy)

#8 : Mboka  1'48  (duo) .

        Lingala version of a Russian wedding song

        (Lingala lyrics : Ange Nawasadio) 

        (arrgts : A. Nawasadio, B. Cholewka, Th.Van Roy

# 9 : Mno Gaialeta  0'45

        Traditional Bulgarian song : "happy birthday" (literally :  “Glory to you”)

        (arrgts: A. Nawasadio, B. Cholewka, Th.Van Roy)

#10 : Tibie Poiem (Bortniansky, 1752-1825 - Russia)  4'17

        (arrgts: A. Nawasadio, B. Cholewka, Th.Van Roy)

        “God, we sing You, We bless You, we praise You.”

# 11 : Vniz  2'21

        Traditional song of the banks of the Volga river.

        (arrgts: N.Kedroff, A. Nawasadio, B. Cholewka, Th.Van Roy)

# 12 : Nova Radiz  4'04

        Russian Christmas song.

        (arrgts: A. Nawasadio, B. Cholewka, Th.Van Roy)

# 13 Ochti Sierdsie (Russia) 4'31

        Traditional love song

        (arrgts: A. Nawasadio, B. Cholewka, Th.Van Roy)

                                                                                  Total time : 51'



“Music-Fiction”ã  and “The Black Slavics”ã  are Thierry Van Roy ‘s concepts.

Recorded, edited  and  mixed by Thierry Van Roy

Produced by Thierry Van Roy Productions  and “Les Grands Lunaires” 

Photography by Michel Moers

Sleeve notes by Thierry Van Roy

All tracks co-published by Jaro Medien GmbH

All arrangements are ã Sabam

"The Black Slavics" project  was recorded in oct-nov. 1999 in the St Aldegonde church in Ecaussinnes and in the "Couvent des Dominicains" (Belgium).


Special thanks to Christine Van-Acker, Philippe Cornet, Monsieur l’Abbé Jousse ( St Aldegonde church) , all the singers of ”Les Anges Compagnie”  for their personal involvement and  Bénédicte Eyben  for the translations .



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“Music-Fiction” et “The Black Slavics” are  Thierry Van Roy's concepts

Recording, editing and mixing : Thierry Van Roy

Produced by Thierry Van Roy Productions and  “Les Grands Lunaires”  asbl





Ange Nawasadio studied Dance and Theater in Mudra school, Brussels. He performed as classical dancer at the ballet theatre in Harlem, NY. Gospel singer with the Canaan Ensemble” of the Canaan Baptist Church in NY, Usa.

Sylvie Nawasadio is licensed in Sociology an Anthropology, as singer and founder of “Zap Mama”, she sings now in “Trio Baruti”, and, among others,  with Sally Ndjollo

Gyle Waddy is an experienced actor (“The Wizz (with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson), singer (“Hold me tight” RCA record, “The bottle” Polydor records), dancer, model, choreographer, lyricist( more than 700 songs -“Croire” 1988 Eurovision song contest-Lara Fabian), writer and teacher.

Dju-BB sings and plays guitar. He has worked with bands such as : Zinako, Horizon 2000, Signatoure and Epolo & Loouze.

Epolo is guitarist and singer ; has played with Epolo & Loouze, and many multicultural bands, like Djambo Africa,  and Jaïkamen

                        Guy Waku is a well know producer (Ophelie Winter etc…)

                        Alexia Waku has recorded several solo albums.


Borys Cholewka has studied vocal music with various  teachers such as B.Krishnamurti, Lakshmi Shankar, Sister Marie Keyrouz, Igor Reznikoff, Tran Quang Hai, etc.. He has been directing vocal workshops for many years and has performed in many festivals and concerts. He has founded The Epyc Center in Belgium, where he teaches the practice of Yoga and Vocal technique.


Thierry Van Roy is musician, sound engineer and producer. Specialised in multicultural music (recordings in Angola, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso, Azerbaijan, Europe, North America), he has  produced recordings for Yehudi Menuhin (International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation) featuring ie, Noa, Myriam Makeba, Stephane Grapelli, Ravi Shankar, Trio Loyko, Yehudi Menuhin. He is also the producer of Abdelli (“New Moon”, Realworld Records), and Basti Sevedneya (Azerbaijan). He is currently producing the last CD Of Farafina (Burkina Faso), and the new CD of Abdelli.


                                                                                  Thierry van Roy