A mix of berber and chilian tradition


Abdelli was born on the 2nd april 1958 at Behalil in the Great Kabyle (Algeria). Author, composer and interpreter, he mixes the tradition into wich he was born, with the present modern trend. With an open mind, he does not hesitate in accepting other musical forms however distant they may be from his own.

1974 .

Musical debut in Dellys,Kabylia


Public debut during the algerian independance festivity on july 5th.


Prize of Radio Kabyle for new amateur singer.

1981 First concert out of Kabyle, at Blida, and prize at the Modern Music in Algiers.

1984 First studion recording. Concert in Denmark.

1986 Concerts in Brussels and Paris; performances at the Belgian Television. Studion recordings.

1987 A serie of concerts in Algiers and Brussels. Recording in Brussels with top algerian and maroccan musicians.

1988 Big tour throuhout Marocco and live concert at the Maroccan Radio.

1990 Concerts in Algeria, France and Germany (Ethnic Musical Festival in frankfurt). First prize for the most listened-to song on Radio Kabyle.

1993 Concerts in Belgium and Holland.

1995 Release of the "New Moon" album on the Realworld label, after three years of recordings (ref CDRW54).

Two concerts at the Womad festival in Reading.

Recordings with Peter Gabriel during the RealWorld Recording Week. Other recordings with Marta Sebestyen and Loreena Mc Kennit.

1996 Concerts all over Europe. Concert "From the Sitar to the Guitar" invited by Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar at the "Cirque Royal" in Brussels. Womad festival in Vienna. First part of Cheb Mami at the Zenith (Paris). Concert at the "New Morning" in Paris. Five concerts at the Sfinks Festival (Belgium)etc.......

Songs of Abdelli for the Greenpeace/Realworld compilation.

1997 Womad Festival in Caceres, Italian Tour, "Musiques Métisses" in Angoulème (France). Album recording in Athens with Michalis Nikoloudis and Hossam Hamzy. Concert at the "Halles de Schaerbeek", Brussels, ect.....

1998 "Encontros musicais do Portugal" festival, Italian tour, Elefsina Festival (Greece) etc…Concert in Brussels for the Children of Algeria

1999 Preparation of the new CD, recordings in Praya ( Cabo Verde) and Baku (Azerbaijan) in spring