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This page has been set up as a service for all visitors to easily locate all recent additions. It contains some information about my latest and future up-dates. Also hot news concerning the band or the band members.

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Latest up-dates

                                                    Discography :  New U.S. compilation: "The best of ... Mr. Mister" has been released

Future up-dates

                                                     Interviews :  Interview with Steve Farris by Frank Achmann (Danish Mr. Mister Fansite)
                                                    Picture book :   Some additions to the photo gallery
                                                    Discography & Session work :   A list of albums containing contributions by the 4 Misters + new additions
                                                                        + refreshing some blurry images

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The ultimate new Mr. Mister compilation released on April 17th, 2001

Another Mr. Mister has been released. But this one is really interesting since it contains
single edits of the hits, new liner notes, new photos, an interesting band bio AND a track
from the unreleased album "Pull".

(submitted 03/05/01)

Steve Farris touring with Don Henley

Steve Farris will be the guitarist on the upcoming Don Henley tour.

(submitted 02/10/00)

MastiCa album out now

MastiCa's album (formerly GuM) has been released and is available through First World Music.
This project features Pat Mastelotto, Gum B. and Monkey

(submitted 02/10/00)

Pat Mastelotto on the web

A website dedicated to Pat Mastelotto has been put up by an Australian fan.

(submitted 02/10/00)

The official MatiCa site is on the web now


(submitted 02/10/00)

Steve George solo project in delay

The recording for Steve George's first solo album has been delayed.
Steve is currently touring with Jewel.

(submitted 10/13/99)

Another new Mr. Mister compilation

Another new Mr. Mister compilation has been released on the label BMG on March 30th, 1999.
The album is entitled "Broken wings: Encore Collection" and contains 10 songs.
You can order your copy in some online record stores: try the GEMM-service at:

(submitted 06/19/99)

Steve Farris on the web 2

Steve Farris' website is under construction. Visit the website at: .

(submitted 06/07/99)

Pat Mastelotto project

Pat Mastelotto is currently working on an album with my friend Cenk Eroglu from Turkey.
An album under the name Mastel@ottoman should be expected by the end of the year.

(submitted 06/07/99)

Richard Page sings on new Toto album

The new Toto album 'Mindfields' features Richard Page singing backing vocals on four songs:
'Mindfields', 'Caught in the balance', 'Mad about you' and 'Cruel'.

(submitted 06/03/99)

Steve Farris on the web

Steve Farris confirmed to Frank Achmann his answers to the interview questions are on their way.
He also mentioned there will be a Steve Farris website in the near future.

(submitted 02/02/99)

Steve Farris in Carlos Vega tribute

In December 1998 Steve Farris played guitar on the 'Tribute to Carlos Vega Concert'.

(submitted 12/08/98)

New Mr. Mister compilation

The new Mr. Mister compilation is out now. Jump to the discography-page for all details.
In the record stores catalogues the album is named "Best 22", though the exact title is "The Best of
Mr. Mister". The albums contains 16 tracks, all album versions. I hope in the future there will be a compilation
containing single edits or remixes....
You can order your copy in some online record stores: try the GEMM-service at:

(submitted 12/08/98)

Pat Mastelotto's project GuM is shopping for a label

GuM is a trio: Monkey is a 24 years old talented Spanish student who sings and plays sax, clarinet,
bassoons, guitar and keys. Her 'old man' Gumby plays bass, cello, mandocello and sings too.
Pat does the production, knob turning and drumming stuff. They're searching for a friendly label to
make an album release. Check out Frank Achmann's website: he designed the label art.

(submitted 12/06/98)

A Page/George song on Fergie Frederiksen's upcoming album

According to the MTM Newsletter Fergie Frederiksen' s new album which is due out in February 1999,
will contain a track written by Richard Page and Steve George. "Falling into place" was originally written
in the beginning of the nineties.

(submitted 12/06/98)

Pat Mastelotto on tour with ProjeKCt 4

ProjeKCt 4 ('KC' stands for King Crimson) are King Crimson members Robert Fripp, Trey Gunn, Tony Levin
and Pat Mastelotto. They did a few concerts from October 23rd till November 2nd in Boulder (CO),
Vancouver (BC), Seattle (WA), Portland (OR) and San Francisco (CA). For more details check the
Trey Gunn website.

To keep up-to-date with King Crimson's activities surf to Elephant Talk.

(submitted 12/06/98)

Steve Farris touring and recording with Gary Wright

After touring with Gary Wright Steve Farris agreed to play on his new upcoming album,
which will be entitled "Human Love".
For more info check Gary Wright's website 'The Dreamweaver Web'.

(submitted 12/06/98)

New Mr. Mister compilation

After the release of a U.K.-originated compiltaion CD another Mr. Mister compilation is on its way!
"Best 22" will be released in Japan on November 21st 1998.
You might already pre-order a copy in some online record stores: try the GEMM-service at:

(submitted 10/30/98)

New Djinn album

John Lang's band Djinn just released a second album entitled "All-time".
It has been released in Germany on the label Dogo Bros in September 1998.

(submitted 10/13/98)

Steve Farris at the Nicolette Larson Memorial Concerts

This event took place in Santa Monica, CA at The Civic Auditorium on February 20th and 21st 1998.
The benefit shows were welcomed by Tom Campbell. He introduced the director of the UCLA
Children's Hospital, who mentioned that the money from the shows was going to an endowment
for a fund in Nicolette Larson's name to help children in need.

First on stage were the founders of the tribute show, Graham Nash with Nicolette's husband Russell
Kunkel on drums. Amongst the performers were David Crosby, Graham Nash, Bonnie Raitt and
Jackson Browne, backed up by the session group known as The Section, starring Steve Farris on guitars
together with Waddy Watchel, Lee Sklar on bass, Craig Doerge on keyboards, John Gilutin on piano,
Russell Kunkel on drums and Lenny Castro on percussion. Rosemary Butler and Valerie Carter sang backup.
Further performances were made by Little Feat, Bonnie Raitt, Joe Walsh, Dan Fogelberg, Michael Ruff,
Carole King, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, CS&N and others - all with The Section in and out to play
a tune. The participants in the show also did a joined rendition of Nicolette's biggest solo hit "It's
gonna take a lotta love".

(submitted  10/13/98)

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