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I would like to express my thanks to a number of people who supported me with the necessary information to create this fansite...

    bulletbluespiral.gif (165 bytes)Stephanie Chiotakis (Holland)

    bulletbluespiral.gif (165 bytes)Frank Achmann (Denmark)

    bulletbluespiral.gif (165 bytes)Daniel Stenvall (Sweden) and Morten Ottosen (Norway) from The Unofficial Home
         of Pages and Mr. Mister

    bulletbluespiral.gif (165 bytes)Skynet Belgium

    bulletbluespiral.gif (165 bytes)Microsoft for using Front Page 98-beta

    bulletbluespiral.gif (165 bytes)several music magazines for consulting interviews

    bulletbluespiral.gif (165 bytes)Pär Winberg (Sweden) from the Midwestern Skies E-zine

    bulletbluespiral.gif (165 bytes)Patrick Dehenau (technical support)

    bulletbluespiral.gif (165 bytes)Luc Segers (technical support)

    bulletbluespiral.gif (165 bytes)Spin: The Multi Guestbook (free service)   

    bulletbluespiral.gif (165 bytes)Pat Mastelotto: for his great support

    bulletbluespiral.gif (165 bytes)Walter Berry

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