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Here you can find a personal filing card of each band member featuring the most significant data.





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Richard Page

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Full name:   Richard Page
Date of birth:   May 16th, 1953
Place of birth:   Keokuk, Iowa (USA)
Constellation:   Taurus

Length:  1.83 m
Colour of hair:   blond
Colour of eyes:  blue

Married to:   Linda
Children:   one stepson:  Tai (°1972), one son:  James (J.D.)
                  two daughters:  Alisha (°1984), Aja (°1986)

Grandchildren:   one granddaughter:  Maleea (°1993 - daughter of Tai)
Parents:   father:  Robert Page (choir director - music teacher)
                mother:  Joyce Horton (°1924 - +1996: organist - music teacher)

Brothers/Sisters:   one sister: Sue Ellen (°1950 - music teacher)
                              three brothers:  Bill (°1950 - constructor), Rob (°1952 -
                              musician for commercials), Dave (°1958 - working for
                              TWA airlines)

Leisure activities:  tennis, biking, surfing, other sports
Favorite car:  BMW

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Steve George

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Full name:   Steve George
Date of bvirth:   May 20th, 1955
Place of birth:   Illinois (USA)
Constellation:   Taurus

Length:  1.75 m
Colour of hair:   dark brown
Colour of eyes:   blue

Married to:   Glenda
Children:   one son:  Douglas (°1984),  one daughter:   Eva (°1985)
Parents:   no details
Brothers/Sisters:  no details

Leisure activities:   music
Favorite car:   no driving licence

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Steve Farris

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Full name:   Steve Farris
Date of birth:   May 1st, 1957
Place of birth:   Fremont, Nebraska (USA)
Constellation:   Taurus

Length:   1.84 m
Colour of hair:  brown
Colour of eyes:   grey

Married to:   single
Children:   none
Parents:   father:   Roy Farris (°1924 - wholesale dealer in clothing)
                mother:   Kathy (°1925 - artist)

Brothers/Sisters:   one brother:  Dave (°1955 - anaesthesist)
                              one sister:  Kim (°1952 - insurance agent)

Leisure activities:  fishing and hunting
Favorite car:  Jeep

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Pat Mastelotto

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Full name:   Lee Patrick Mastelotto
Date of birth:   September 10th, 1955
Place of birth:   Chico, California (USA)
Constellation:  Virgo

Length:  1.83 m
Colour of hair:   brown
Colour of eyes:  blue

Married to:   Connie Renée
Children:  none
Parents:   father:  Moses (building contractor)
                mother (MCA-studios technician)

Brothers/Sisters:  one brother:  Mike (°1965)
                             two sisters:   Julie (°1959) and Celeste (°1967)

Leisure activities:   music
Favorite car:   old Chevrolets

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