(by Peter Dehenau & Frank Achmann)

Mr. Mister's talented keyboard player allowed us to ask him some questions concerning his career. As you will see he reveals some interesting news!
Thanks for your contribution to our website Steve! (August 14th 1998)


Are there any remarkable events during the Pages and Mr. Mister era which you will never forget?

There are many memorable moments, but I'll never forget when we were on tour with Tina Turner in Atlanta and I was just checking in to the Omni Hotel and I had a telegram from our manager George Ghiz that said: 'Congratulations on number one!'. It took me a minute to realize that "Broken wings" had reached number one on the Billboard Charts. It was a great feeling.

How many tracks were actually recorded for each album?

We usually cut maybe 11 or 12 and then chose the best 9 or 10.

How did the band react to the fact that the supreme album "Go on..." didn't achieve the commercial success of its predecessor?

Of course we were disappointed, but you never really know how an album is going to sell. It's a crapshoot.

How did the audience respond to the Go on-tour in general? Was there an American tour or any of the overseas gigs as initially planned?

I think generally the audience was pretty receptive to Go on, but I don't remember much about that.

Which covers did you like to play during live gigs?

"Purple haze" by Jimi Hendrix and "Higher ground" by Stevie Wonder.

The Misters really took time off to record the unreleased album "Pull". Was there a different approach to the recording of this album compared to the former albums? Were you and the other band members pleased with the result?

Well, Steve Farris wasn't involved in the recording of "Pull", and Steve was an integral part of Mr. Mister's sound. We had to figure out what kind of guitar player and sounds we wanted, and also we were going for more unique songs and arrangements. It took a while to figure it all out, but I think we were happy with what we had on tape. Unfortunately, the final mixes really bogged us down. Too bad I don't own the tapes. I know there's some great stuff on there, it just needs to be remixed.

What eventually led to the split of Mr. Mister back in 1990?

BMG didn't like what they heard and dropped our contract. We solicited several record companies but no one picked us up. That's the music biz.

How do you personally look back upon the Mr. Mister days?

With very fond memories and wonderful friendships with a great bunch of guys (and musicians).

Do you still keep in touch with the other guys? Do you still work together with Page, Lang, Mastelotto or Farris from time to time?

I talk to the guys every once in a while, but unfortunately not often enough.

Have there never been plans for a reunion in some way? Would you be willing to rejoin?

We had an offer a few years ago from a Scandinavian promotor to do a tour, but it didn't work out. I would do a reunion tour in a heartbeat.

What have you been doing after the Misters broke up?

I was Kenny Loggins' musical director from 1991 to 1997. Now I'm working on my own album.

When did this effort towards a solo debut begin?

I have been thinking about a solo project quite a while now, but I have been putting much more effort into it since I left Kenny Loggins about a year ago.

Is it all self written material?


What kind of music can we expect to hear on it?

It will be quite varied, from jazz to rhythm & blues, classical and rock, both vocal and instrumental.

... and when can we expect to hear it?

If all goes well, the latter part of this year or the first part of 1999.

Which albums you've ever performed on would you consider among your favorites (Pages, Mr. Mister, session work)?

I really enjoyed the second and third Pages albums and the second and third Mr. Mister albums. Is there a pattern there?

Please name a few artists or bands that you enjoy listening to at home.

Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Mike Brecker, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, John McLaughlin, Buckshot LeFonque, to name a few.

Where do you currently live? Any plans or projects for the future?

I live in Arizona and continue to play piano and write music.

Thanks for your answers. Success with your solo project!!!

You're welcome.

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