Steve Farris

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Steve Farris, born on May 1st, 1957 in Fremont, Nebraska was nine years old when he started playing guitar. It became hisidentity source and he wanted to be the best at it. His first guitar was his late mother Kathy's acoustic guitar which had telephone wires for strings. The first guitar riffs he learned were from songs such as "I can see for miles", "Winchester cathedral", "Stick shift" and "Secret agent". He worked his way up playing chordal arrangements like the American Breed's "Bend me, shape me".

By the age of 11 he discovered Jimi Hendrix' Experience who influenced him a lot. When Steve was in sixth grade he started taking lessons at a local music store and played in little bands through high school. Around 1970 he played in his first band named 3dog breath".

In 1975 he met jazz player Kurtis Robinson in his hometown. Steve started taking lessons with Kurtis who changed his technique dramatically.

In 1978 he moved to California with the ambition of becoming a studio musician. He mainly played jazz, rhythm & blues and funk, but didn't manage to catch the attention of record companies. However, he played with guys from Stevie Wonder's and George Benson's bands.

When he was playing in some club a member of Kiss (remember their hits "I was made for loving you" and "Sure know something") saw him and got interested in Steve. Kiss' guitarist Ace Frehley had just left the band and the other members were looking for someone to replace him for their upcoming effort "Creatures of the night". Steve went to an audition and was invited to join the band, but it never went down for some reason.

After that gig, in 1979, Steve played with Eddie Moneyfor three years. It was a great opportunity to make some money and it was fun to play straightahead rock n' roll.

In 1982 Steve went to an audition with Richard Page and Steve George. They immediately liked his guitar playing, and together with drummer Pat Mastelotto they formed Mr. mister. Mr. Mister released three albums. The second one achieved multiple platinum and spawned two #1-hits. The lack of success of their third album "Go on..." caused a lot of tension. Steve and lead singer Richard Page argued a lot about the musical direction of Mr. Mister. After the Go on-tour medio 1988 Steve decided to leave the band and went back to the session circuit.

He performed on Eros Ramazzotti's "Tutti storie" and on CÚline Dion's megaseller "Falling into you". He also played on a track of Richard Page's first solo album in 1996. Also in 1996 he contributed to Edgar Winter's "Real Deal" together with Jermaine Jackson (remember his 1985- hits "Do what you do" and "When the rain begins to fall" with Pia Zadora).

In 1997 he agreed the offer to join Whitesnake on their Last Hurrah-tour. After the tour (spring 1998) he went back to his hometown Fremont. He contributed to the Nicolette Larson benefite tribute concert in February 1998. He also played a gig with Gary Wright. Steve is still very much into painting, a gift from his late mother who was known through the Midwest as a famous watercolor artist.

In September he started a tour with Gary Wright. Steve will also perform on Gary Wright's album "Human love".

In December 1998 he contributed to the "Tribute to Carlos Vega Concert".

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Personal Discography

Year Artist Album title Contribution
1975 Eddie Money Right here guitar
1984 Mr. Mister I wear the face guitar
1984 Rita Coolidge Inside the fire guitar
1984 Soundtrack Every man has a woman guitar
1985 Mr. Mister Welcome to the real world guitar
1985 Eddie Money Where's the party guitar
1985 Pointer Sisters Contact guitar
1985 Danny O'Keefe Reux guitar
1986 Soundtrack Youngblood guitar
1986 Soundtrack American Anthem guitar
1986 Soundtrack Touch and go guitar
1986 Soundtrack Fine mess guitar
1987 Mr. Mister Go on... guitar
1987 Marc Jordan Talking through pictures guitar
1988 Tori Amos Y kant Tori read guitar
1988 Eddie Money Nothing to lose guitar
1988 Al Stewart Last days of the century guitar
1988 Gary Wright Who I am guitar
1990 Marc Jordan C.O.W. (Conserve our world) guitar
1990 Soundtrack Arachnophobia guitar
1990 Bill Medley Best of Bill Medley guitar
1992 Howard Jones In the running guitar
1992 Soundtrack Straight talk guitar
1993 Eros Ramazzotti Todo historias guitar
1995 Gary Wright First signs of lige drums - percussion
1996 Belinda Carlisle Woman and a man guitar
1996 CÚline Dion Falling into you guitar
1996 Richard Page Shelter me guitar
1996 Edgar Winter & Friends Real deal guitar
1997 Alice Cooper Fistful of Alice guitar
1997 Pistoleros Hang on to nothing guitar
1998 Soundtrack Starkid guitar
? Martha Davis Policy guitar
? Gorky Park Moscow calling guitar
? Diana Ross Red hot guitar
? Rubert Hine The shallow end guitar

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